No one wakes up thinking, “I need a business strategy”.  

(Or a coach. Or a project manager, for that matter!)

They wake up thinking, “How the hell am I going to get this all done, today?”

Whether or not that’s what you woke up thinking, one thing’s for certain:

You don’t have unlimited time, money, and energy.

And, when you’re a business owner trying to juggle a gazillion things, you don’t always have the mental space you need to tap into your zone of genius, either.

Which is where “strategy” comes in.

Because while it may sound like a big, fancy word, it’s really all about lessening the risks that you take and helping you most effectively use the resources at your disposal: your time, money, energy, yes… but your talents, too.

If you’re:

  • not getting enough done in the time that you have;
  • feel like you’re wasting money on the wrong things;
  • trying to do 50 different things at once (or, as I like to say, “throwing spaghetti at the wall”), but not bringing clients in the door …

then the simple fact is: You need a guide.

And more than that, you need someone who can help you evaluate what’s most important, and what’s going to have the biggest impact in your life and business; someone who can help you overcome fear so that you can finally see your dreams come to life.

Part-Cheerleader, part-project/launch manager, and (yes) part-strategy coach, I help you map your business goals into an actionable strategy, technology, and processes.

In other words, I help project manage your dreams.

Because I believe in you.

And more than anything, I want to help you find a way to get whatever-the-heck-is-inside-of-you out, so that you can set the whole damn world on fire.

Hi, I’m Michelle Grewal, and I’m excited to help YOU, do that thing you know you need to do.

Because while I’m a qualified engineer who completely geeks out on problem solving and tech issues, I’m also the kind of person who thrives on creativity and helping others.

There was a time when I almost felt ashamed of my “split interests”, or not fitting into the “cookie-cutter” engineer role,  but now I realize it’s an asset.

It’s how I help you do what you do best.

See, as a kid, I struggled with a learning disability. And through most of my life, I felt ashamed to speak up about my struggle. I worried that people would judge me for it, or assume that I wasn’t qualified enough – when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, my learning disability is the REASON I’ve become the master of my life, my career, and my business. It’s how I got so good at what I do – because I literally had no choice.

Katelyn K Photography
My little trio!

I had to create the structure and get the support I needed, before I let it hold me back. Throughout my life, whenever I would come upon a new milestone – I’ve had to evolve and improve how I set out to accomplish my goals.

Including when I had kids – having to learn how to balance and use my time all over again – first with one kid, then with two, and now with three. (Yes, 3-under-3 club!)

It’s been a continual journey as I align with what feels good to me, as I hold myself accountable, and as I continue to connect the dots.


I’m so proud that for the last decade, I’ve been able to work with amazing companies and individuals. I’ve worked in start-ups and large companies, non-profit and commercial. What they all have in common, is their commitment to being better, living better, and making a difference.

But I knew that someday I wanted to work directly with business owners, specifically small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

To create a platform as a speaker, author, coach and mentor. I’ve been working more “behind the scenes”, as a technical consultant – but I knew it was time to take the leap; to serve women who are looking to bring their message to the world. 

But I let fear hold me back for some time.

I realized that it was time to take my own advice; and turn that passion for supporting and believing in others, by applying it to myself.

My desire to serve helped me overcome any fears.

I’ll never forget the moment when my dear friend was working on a document for her business, and e-mailed me for help. She had been working on this issue for nearly two hours. And even though it was an easy fix for me, it was then I realized the power of knowing the right tools, the right strategy, so you can move forward, with confidence.

Today, I offer a unique blend of technical implementation (whether that’s solving your tech issues, managing your systems, or launching your next big thing), DIY technical tutorials and creative strategy sessions for entrepreneurs.

People don’t necessarily come to me for strategy, but that’s why they stay.

If you know you could use a little structure in your business, a little cheerleading and guidance in order to become more effective – and a plan that will help you accomplish better results, sooner – we should talk.

Contact me for a strategic discovery call today and I’ll help you take the gazillion things swimming in your brain and map out your next steps.

It’s my pleasure (really).